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Is vitiligo treatable

Dr. Michael Scannon and the associates at Florida Westcoast Skin and Cancer Center see a wide range of dermatology concerns in their office. Patients who are struggling with the diagnosis of vitiligo are often discouraged when they find out vitiligo cannot be cured. What is vitiligo? Vitiligo is a condition that occurs on the skin …

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Can children get skin cancer?

Every day, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, over 9,000 individuals are diagnosed with skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers prevalent in the United States. While we often hear of adults being diagnosed later in life due to exposure over the years, we rarely hear about skin cancer developing …

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Methods of treating acne

At Florida Westcoast Skin and Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida area patients can enjoy a wide array of effective treatments and products used to reduce or eliminate acne and treat acne-prone skin. At our practice, we can help with mild to severe acne conditions, including blackheads and cystic acne, while also offering solutions for acne scarring …

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