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If I treat hyperhidrosis in one area, will I sweat more somewhere else?

At Florida Westcoast Skin and Cancer Center, Dr. Michael Scannon and his associates work routinely with patients who have certain medical conditions that impact their quality of life. This includes excessive sweating, or “hyperhidrosis.” Excessive sweating can be extremely problematic for patients and cause them to feel self-conscious about their appearance and their sweating condition. This can lead to depression and anxiety, especially in patients where excessive sweating is severe. Instead, patients can work with our team to learn about treatment options that can help.

Treatments for hyperhidrosis

There are a wide range of treatments for patients with hyperhidrosis, and sometimes it can take a while to find the most effective for one individual versus another. We encourage patients to be open to many options to find a conservative treatment that truly works. Some options include:

  • Lifestyle changes (wearing light colored clothes or loose fitting clothes, avoiding triggers that can make sweating worse)
  • Over-the-counter and prescription antiperspirants (for hyperhidrosis that occurs on the underarms)
  • Iontophoresis (the use of electrical currents to address sweat glands)
  • Botox injections (to reduce the activity of the sweat glands)
  • Surgical intervention (to remove sweat glands as a last resort)

Will I sweat more elsewhere with treatment of underarm hyperhidrosis?

There are thousands of sweat glands throughout the body, so reducing sweating in the underarms will not increase sweating elsewhere. Patients are advised to speak to their doctor about what to expect with treatment and how long results can be obtained with the treatment they choose. Patients who have excessive sweating of the palms of the hand and the soles of the feet may need a different treatment than a patient who experiences sweating of the underarms or scalp.

Learn more about hyperhidrosis treatment options

If you are embarrassed by excessive sweating and want to work with a provider who can help, contact Florida Westcoast Skin and Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Michael Scannon and his associates are dedicated to providing the best in clinical dermatology solutions for new and established patients in his office. Call (813) 877-4811 to request an appointment at 4200 North Armenia Avenue, Suites 1 and 2.

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