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What is a HydraFacial good for?

Do you have dry, dehydrated skin? Is your skin tone uneven and pores enlarged? Do you want a treatment that can help make you look younger without experiencing surgical interventions or invasive injectables? At Florida Westcoast Skin and Cancer Center, Dr. Michael Scannon and his associates work routinely with individuals who want to rejuvenate their facial skin and look their best by addressing poor skin texture and tone. For many patients, the HydraFacial is a revolutionary way to achieve results without extensive downtime or recovery. 

Understanding how the HydraFacial works 

The HydraFacial is a proprietary treatment that is designed to provide hydration and deep penetration of helpful serums to enhance the skin. The patented technology used in the HydraFacial device can cleanse, hydrate, and protect the skin. This treatment is similar to traditional microdermabrasion and is completed in several steps, acting as both a physical and chemical peel. It removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, extracts oils and debris from within the pores, and detoxifies the skin for a healthy, gratifying natural glow! 

What is the HydraFacial good for? 

The team of Florida Westcoast Skin and Cancer Center find that patients with the following conditions will benefit from the HydraFacial treatment with Dr. Michael Scannon and his team: 

  •         Fine lines and wrinkles
  •         Poor skin elasticity
  •         Poor skin texture and tone
  •         Enlarged pores
  •         Active acne
  •         Sun damaged skin
  •         Dry, dehydrated skin
  •         Dead skin cell accumulation

Is the HydraFacial right for me? 

With the assistance of our team, patients can undergo a thorough evaluation to find out if they are a good fit for the HydraFacial treatment. Most patients who want to improve the skin’s appearance and health will find that this is a fast, effective, and affordable solution for their needs. 

Call Dr. Michael Scannon and associates to learn more about the HydraFacial treatment 

Patients of the Tampa, Florida area who are interested in skin rejuvenation with the HydraFacial treatment are urged to contact Florida Westcoast Skin and Cancer Center at (813) 877-4811 to request a consultation at 4200 North Armenia Avenue, Suites 1 and 2. The office accepts new and established patients in the community and beyond.

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